US Leather Jackets Corporate Client Policy

  Us Leather Jackets offer a lucrative policy for our corporate client. As an exporter of leather garments, we offer all type of leather clothings from leather jacket to leather trouser pants and biker jackets, trouser, gloves and safety boots. Additionally we offer drop-shipping services to all of our clients.
we wellcome you, if you are a retail store owner like leather product boutique and interested in buying our products to resell at your boutique, please registered with us.
We have three different type of customer model:
1-    General Customer.
2-    Retail Customer.
3-    Wholesale Customer.
Our corporate client’s policy covers (Retail Customer and Wholesale Customer).

Retail Customer Model:
Register with us as retailer and avail 20% discount on every purchase.
•    Minimum 3 orders in a month is must to maintain the Retail customer status.

Wholesale Customer Model:
  Ordering more than 5 items of any design will gives you the advantage of wholesale model. We quote some special price according to their demand for quality, color & design. Higher quantity of order will automatically reduce the manufacturing price. Feel free to write us, with your design and requirement, we customer support team will gives you prompt response.

  Through our wholesale, retail plan, we offer you a lucrative reseller business opportunity. Create a wholesale or retail account and become a reseller and avail discount on your purchases.